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Enforcement of laws and the resulting display of order is good for Texas. However, sometimes the punishment bears no resemblance to the crime. Texas is number one when it comes to the death penalty and all death cases(capital murder cases) are accelerated on appeal directly to the highest criminal court in Texas.  Over 37 percent of total annual executions in the United States occur in Texas.  This is why our first professional advice is:  In criminal cases, you have the right to In criminal cases, you have the right to remain silent:  use your right to silence; do no talk to the police, child protective services representatives or any other investigatory agencies without first seeking thorough, professional legal advice.  A very high percentage of inmates themselves provided law enforcement with all the information they needed to win a conviction.

Neither should you talk to insurance companies, yours or other parties’, in accident cases without first obtaining professional legal consultation.

The War on Drugs campaign has vastly increased the drug-conviction rates and many of these cases have involved a trapped drug informant who is just trying to save himself by minimizing his sentence.  These “witnesses” have incentive to distort the truth, and drug cases at this level involve long sentences in the federal penitentiary system, a system which does not allow for parole.  This process of convictions results in many “little fish” imprisoned for years and many “big fish” living in the real linda for a long time.

Couple this with the trapped informants and the enormous resources alloted the justice system, and you are looking at a Goliath that produces an extremely high number of drug convictions.

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